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Restaurant & Counter Service




12 Weeks


About the Course

ADACALL's Restaurant & Counter Service vocational course is a specialized training program that focuses on developing the skills necessary to excel in the restaurant and counter service industry. The course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical training in areas such as hospitality operations, customer service, menu planning, food safety, and personnel management.

Participants learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills when it comes to customer service, as well as important skills such as how to handle customer complaints and create a pleasant dining experience. They also learn the fundamentals of food production and service techniques, as well as how to manage a food service operation.

With these skills, graduates will be able to take on positions at restaurants, cafeterias, bars, counter service outlets, and food service establishments. A Restaurant & Counter Service vocational course provides hands-on experience working with a variety of kitchen equipment, essential culinary techniques and skills, food presentation methods, and customer service processes.

Moreover, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to properly label, store, and dispose of food products, and they will be able to confidently understand how to properly take and handle orders. Upon completion of the program, individuals will be equipped to be successful in the management of a restaurant or counter service operation.

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