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The world could be a happier place if Hitler shouldn't had touched a globe.

A constructive ignorant mind is better than a destructive educated mind. Time has proved that education can affect millions of lives - for good as well as for bad.  That's why, we at ADACALL think twice before enrolling a student, or we groom them to be beneficial to humanity.

Adaptive Academic Alliance Pvt. Ltd. or ADACALL is a college providing education, academic support, talent acquisition, promoting ecosystem conservation, economic stability, and socio-cultural value-creation. ADACALL aims to achieve these goals through a process called 'Adaptive Academic Alliance'.


ADACAL's Training System encourages team learning and collaborative approach. We have initiated diversified cooperation and alliance with career-supporting institutions worldwide. Our Adult Training Center is engaged in time-saving and affordable courses, both online and offline.

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A vibrant community needs an organization that can provide academic support, develop talent, promote ecosystem conservation, strengthen economic stability, and support socio-cultural value-creation.  ADACALL aims to achieve these goals by promoting education and professional skills.







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Adaptive Academic Alliance Pvt Ltd is dedicated in providing education and services in the following disciplines. It also aims to make education affordable to the poverty-stricken sections of society:

  • International languages training

  • International English language testing 

  • Computer education and  IT services

  • Social literacy and awareness

  • Primary school education

  • Guidance to school students

  • Coaching for competitions

  • Environment protection awareness

  • Facilitating higher education abroad

  • Foreign university scholarships  

  • Jobs, Career & immigration support

  • B2B consultancy services

  • Creating economic opportunities

  • Supporting artists and craftsmen

  • Safety Management training

  • Fashion design education

  • On-campus corporate training

  • Distance education

  • Promoting tolerance in society

  • Digital Marketing

  • Energy Management

Adaptive Academic Alliance

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IELTS Counsellor

Our Journey

"From Safety Training to Fashion Designing, ADACAL has a unique set of skills and knowledge that can support career and economy."

Jacques Erine, Founder, A-Zone.

" After 26 years have passed, I still feel fortunate to be the first student of INFOMEDIA EDUCATION at the age of 65 ! My teacher was almost half of my age but never let me feel embarrassed "

Sileshi Zeyohannes, Project Officer, Ethiopia

" Besides teaching me English for IELTS, my teacher practically convinced me to believe that, where there's a will, there's a way"

Parnita, IELTS Test Taker, IELTS Counsellor Student

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