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Vocational Courses

What is a 'vocational course' and who needs it?

A vocational course is focused on practical work, preparing students for a particular trade or skilled profession. Since vocational education provides hands-on experience, students get to experience the job they will have in real life. This hands-on experience gives students the clarity to reflect on their choices, interests, and passion and find the best fit for themselves.

Needless to say, people get hired easily if they are certified for a vocational training. By learning and focusing on a specific trade, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the trade allowing them to build an exciting career in a new field. Being a government recognized body, ADACAL offers and certifies for the following courses. Admissions are done on meeting certain criteria and/or an admission test.

We, at ADACAL (Adaptive Academic Alliance) and its sister companies (IELTS Counsellor, Infomedia Education, etc.) have noted that some unauthorized centers such as the one in Kolkata (West Bengal) are using our names, logos and websites to enroll students in courses by claiming their partnership or alliance with us. We raise strong alert that we have NOT franchised or authorized any institute or representative in Kolkata or anywhere in India except Kochi (Ernakulam). All admissions are done only through this website. Kindly report your concerns with relevant details to: +91-9207544792 or . ADACAL and its entities will not take responsibility for any loss incurred to you when dealing with such fake institutions.

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