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IIMC - International Institute of Management and Consultancy

IIMC provides professional courses for business and management. IIMC also offers B2B management solutions such as brand building, entrepreneurship support ,and advisory level consultancy.

The International Institute ofManagement & Consultancy or IIMC is a Business School offering online management courses leading to Certificate, Diploma, and Post-Graduate Diploma for a wide range of Business Management domains. The recent addition of Hotel Management courses has been widely appreciated by students and the industry professionals. IIMS also offers Consultancy Services to entrepreneurs and companies.

​IIMS is an offshoot of ADACAL - The Adaptive Academic Alliance Pvt. Ltd which is known for its range of career-oriented courses. IIMS is among the youngest education providers that offers online, offline, and distant education courses effectively.​Supported by subject experts, successful entrepreneurs, and highly qualified personnel, IIMS also offers Business Consultancy Services to Startups, Growth-stage businesses, ‌Organizations and Companies worldwide.

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