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Interior Design & Styling




12 Weeks


About the Course

Our Interior Design & Styling vocational course offer an invaluable education in the world of interior design. Students learn how to work within interior design principles, combine different elements to create a desired effect, and analyze the effect produced. They study a range of topics such as color theory, design principles, lighting and furniture, materials, and room and building layout. They also learn about the production process, researching, budgeting, and project management and marketing. They are able to learn the basics of revamping existing structures, or completely designing a new one. This is not limited to homes, but can also encompass commercial spaces such as retail stores or office buildings.

Vocational concentrated way of teaching Interior Design & Styling helps all students understand each of the essential elements of design required in order to create visually stunning interior spaces. Through this practical training, students can gain insight into everything from fabric and furniture selection to space planning and project management. They are also inspired to create stylish and functional designs with a range of budget points, enabling them to also gain a greater understanding of the financial and business aspects of interior design.

Moreover, students are taught presentation and communication methods that are needed to bring their interior designs off the ground and into reality. By learning how to speak effectively to clients, contractors, and other professionals, they’re actively encouraged to excel in the world of interior design. With an emphasis on creativity, style, and practical advice, students are giving the confidence and skills to succeed.

Your Instructor


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