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Journalism & Mass Communication




12 Weeks


About the Course

Journalism & Mass Communication vocational course is a great way for students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to become successful media professionals. It comprises of a variety of media streams including print media, broadcast media, and digital media, and provides a comprehensive framework to be trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of media studies.

The course encourages learners to explore current trends in the Journalism and Mass Communication industry and develop an understanding of the industry and its complex dynamics. It helps students to develop the relevant critical, technical and creative skills to enable them to become future media professionals.

The course includes media ethics, media law, public relations & advertising, writing for print & broadcast media, radio & television reporting, research methods for media, production and broadcast management. It equips students with the competencies and training to work successfully in a rapidly changing media environment and helps them to develop a broad range of career options such as working as media professionals, writers, reporters, editors, content creators, and more.

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