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Journalism & Media Management




12 Weeks


About the Course

Journalism & Media Management is a vocational course that will help prepare students for a career in journalism, media, entertainment, and related industries. It combines the theoretical and practical aspects of journalism and media, along with the key business management skills needed for success in today's ever-evolving media landscape.

Students will be provided with specialized training in media technologies and marketing, recent trends in the media industry, news writing, film and television production, communication strategies and digital media, as well as an understanding of ethical principles, the laws governing media production, and human rights issues as related to the media.

Moreover, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current international media environment and trends in the media industry, this course will teach students how to think strategically and critically about topics related to the media, how to create media content, and the fundamentals of marketing and advertising.

It also provides a platform to realize potential and ascend to the managerial positions in this field. This course is ideal for aspiring professionals in the field who are looking to develop their skills in the field, and also for those hoping to transition to journalism & media management or media-related roles.

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