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Licensed Practical Nurse




12 Weeks


About the Course

This vocational course offers a comprehensive educational program allowing LPNs to practice as licensed professional nurses under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses.

The core components of the LPN vocational course include human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nursing process, health assessment, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, care of elderly and disabled, critical thinking, patient safety, and health care management.

All of the course material is based upon state licensure regulations and allows the nurse to apply the essential practices of licensed nursing. Instruction also includes communication and interpersonal skills with emphasis on building relationships with clients to maximize patient health.

Furthermore, the course supplies the skills and knowledge necessary to provide competent nursing care to a variety of individuals in diverse settings and will also address professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities, allowing the nurses to develop a mature, critical thinking process necessary to make sound and ethical judgments when providing patient care.

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