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Multimedia Developer




12 Weeks


About the Course

A multimedia developer vocational course can provide a comprehensive and contemporary overview of the whole development process of creating and developing multimedia projects, focusing on the concepts and applications of multimedia design. It offers a variety of specializations so that students can align their studies with their personal interest, developing a set of skills to suit their future career. Students can look forward to a range of activities incorporating software simulations, video tutorials, hands-on creating projects and attend seminars.


The course will teach real-life tools and techniques required to create multimedia including graphic design, image editing, video production, animation, game tools, audio tools, web design, web development, digital imaging, and digital marketing. Students will learn roles, tasks, and responsibilities associated with the job of multimedia production.


Beyond learning the technical aspects of multimedia development, instruction covers the design process including concept development, storyboarding, scripting, post-production, and the finalizing of the project. Students will cover topics such as user experience, design principles, and ethical considerations to ensure proper use of media and techniques.


At the end of the course, students will be capable of producing a complete industry-quality product. They will have the ability to use a variety of multimedia tools and software packages, apply design elements to a multimedia project and review the work critically. The goal is to open opportunities for advanced level courses and get a job in the competitive industry of multimedia production.

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