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Office Management




12 Weeks


About the Course

ADACALL's Office Management vocational course provide students with a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to manage a successful office. Through this course, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle the administrative work that is in the organization.

This course focuses on day-to-day office operations, such as record keeping, filing, maintaining of office supplies and equipment, organizing weekly and daily updates as well as a variety of other tasks necessary for a successful workplace routine.

Moreover, office management vocational course provides an introduction to managerial and organizational practices essential for the functioning of any successful organization. Students will gain the theoretical and practical skills needed to effectively manage office operations such as problem solving, planning and budgeting, various applications of information technology and customer service.

In addition, topics such as creating an efficient work environment, training staff, developing policies and procedures, and meeting customer requirements are covered. The curriculum also covers the employment laws, labor relations, human resource management, and health and safety compliance.

With a vocational course in office management, students gain the skills and knowledge to advance their career in any office-related position. The skills acquired through this course of study will equip students with the tools to become exemplary supervisors or administrators in an office setting.

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