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Public Administration




12 Weeks


About the Course

ADACALL's Public Administration vocational course is designed to help individuals gain the skills necessary to advance in the field of public administration. The field of public administration includes public policy, legal studies, economics, and political science. This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and expertise needed to work in public administration positions, both in the public sector as well as in the private sector.

Public Administration combines specific skills in a variety of areas to form an interdisciplinary approach to managing complex political and economic systems. Students will learn how to develop objectives, plan, implement, and analyze public policies and initiatives. They will also develop skills in policy analysis and program evaluation. Public administration courses also teach students about government forms of accountability, fiscal responsibilities, and budget constraints.

This vocational course provides the students with an in-depth understanding of government operations, procedural methods, and public policy-making. Students learn the fundamentals of public finance, organizational theory, and human resource management and also gain important civic skills such as public communication, community engagement, and civic advocacy.

With the knowledge and skills from these courses, students can pursue a wide range of careers in public administration from government management and federal agencies to consulting and other private sector organizations. With the comprehensive skills gained through ADACALL's Public Administration vocational courses, students are equipped with the tools to create positive change in society.

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